Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thinking out of the 'box'

We're talking kitty litter today ... (so if you're a bit squeamish ... I understand. We'll see you in a day or two.)

I knew when our cat population went to 3 that we'd have to add another litter box. But hey, the el-cheapo clay litter always worked well for my other cats. Scoop often, wash the boxes every couple of weeks and all was well.

Well, things change. With two active young'uns and with senior's box in a more trafficked area, it became apparent that cheapo clay wasn't going to cut it. Too messy ... too .. er smelly.

So began the Great Kitty Litter Hunt. First up: baking soda in regular litter. It helped, but not enough. (BTW, I don't buy artificially scented litter .. don't think it's good for the cats or my allergies ... but that's just me. Your mileage may vary.)

Next, a less-expensive brand of scoop litter. Again, it helped, but not enough, and it kept migrating outside the box ... even worse than the non-scoopable stuff.

Recycled paper pellets? I've tried that before, and odor control is a problem.

Wheat? Too dusty, I read.

Corn? Way expensive, probably because the demand for corn is high.

So that leaves ... pine. I bought a bag of store-brand pellets and gave it a try.

So far, so good. It doesn't track as much as the sandy stuff. Odor control is pretty good. After some "What is this stuff?" looks ... everyone seems to have adjusted.

Truthfully, I hate having to pay 3 times as much for litter ... but if it works ...


Stacie said...

Do you subscribe to your local newspaper? If so, have you thought about shredding it up for kitty litter? We did that for our kitty shortly after she was de-clawed (out of necessity, she scratched one of DD's friends very badly. I got her declawed in order to avoid a lawsuit...) You might be able to add shredded newspaper to your pine pellets in order to stretch them further.

The things we do for our animals, eh? Sometimes I think about how our pets live better than some humans!

DW said...

I'd used shredded paper with some of my previous cats, but odor control was a problem.
You're right about the lengths we go for them ... I always joke that they're not "dumb" animals at all .. they have us supporting them, LOL!