Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things are cooking

I've been cooking here at the casa de chaos this week.

It all started with a rotisserie chicken (on sale and with a store coupon .. ca-ching!)

Got 2 dinners and 2 lunches out of it.

Then I took a cup of meat and used it for a curried lentil and chicken dish. (It's not the prettiest dish I ever made, but it's tasty.)

The lentil dish made for 2 dinners, and some left over for work lunches.

Then I "picked" the rest of the meat and put it in the freezer for stir fry, or a fast dinner.

Next up, sausage & bean soup. Can't be quite as stretchy: Just two dinners and 2 work lunches.

In between, I blanched 10 ears of corn for the freezer.

Now I just have to figure out what to have today ....


Stacie said...

The curried lentil dish sounds yummy! Can you share your recipe?

Robert said...

I got strawberries on sale at Walmart with a price match .99 chocolate chips free. Did chocolate covered strawberries for a snack.

Also made some popcorn on the stove top and seasoned it.

I did almost the same on the meals as you did except I was doing Turkey instead of chicken and I did the sausage thing too. The turkey and chicken can really stretch into a lot of meals.

Anonymous said...

hello wolftT I know this is late love your blog hope you do more in the future..shalom