Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, boy, did I mess up

Try as I might to be frugal, sometimes I do some absolutely boneheaded thing that will cost me $$

Case in point: I had to make some hotel reservations recently. I was doing it online, and the Web site was giving me trouble.

Anyway, got it done, put aside the reservation sheet and went on my merry way.

Not long before I had to leave, I discovered that the reservations were not for the day I'd intended. They were for the day after I'd made them. Why didn't I notice this before? Good question; wish I could answer it.

And obviously, it was way too late to cancel. (Not to mention that I had to scramble to make new reservations.)


There is a happy ending. I contacted the hotel and explained the situation. They're giving me a free night for a future stay. So great customer service on their part.

As for me ... a big lesson in paying attention. Grrr....

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