Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garden report: harvesting

Slowly, but surely, I'm harvesting veggies.

After a lull, the bush beans are producing again. And I no longer have to wonder about my Kentucky Wonder pole beans -- they're flowering. (yes, pun intended!)

My bell peppers aren't overly prolific, but the banana peppers and the cayenne peppers are doing nicely. My red peppers are coming along, though I suspect I have more flowers than actual fruit.

My tomatoes are ripening ... the yield's a bit off, not sure if the weather is to blame, or I need to shore up the soil a bit more.

I've planted some turnip greens to replace my lettuce, and need to replant cilantro
I need to dry more oregano and basil (or make pesto)

The bust: My Black Russian tomato just didn't take. I'll likely pull it and plant more beans (which will help the soil.)

And a note to my eggplant: The first fruit you produced was mighty tasty. Now, can I have another?

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