Friday, July 29, 2011

Saving more at the $ store

Saw this story on the internets, and it does have some good points on buying dollar-store items rather than the name-brand stuff. But I think he could get that bill down a bit more. (Sentences in italic are from the story.)

Fabric softener sheets - Brand-name dryer sheets can often be used more than once, which is not the case with the dollar-store brand.
Cut them in half ... you still get twice the mileage. I've found a half sheet will take care of a full load. Even better -- combine a coupon and sale to get the name-brand sheets for less than $1. Then cut them in half and use them twice. You'll save even more.

Toilet cleaning bleach tablets - Who doesn't love these?
Er, I don't. Better idea -- take a splash of that bleach or the dishwashing detergent from the dollar store to clean your toilets.

Zipper sandwich bags - And because the bag is going to be thrown out after one use ...
This suggestion tends to make some folks go ballistic, but it is possible to wash bags. Even if they get one extra use, it's still one less box to buy ... and less landfill fodder. Another option: Try reusable containers. (Full disclosure here. I use a combination of bags and reusable containers for lunches. We do wash bags.)

Bleach spray cleaner - These counter cleaners are kitchen and bathroom must-haves ...
Buy a spray bottle at the dollar store. Pour maybe a quarter cup of the bleach in, and fill with water. Or make up a vinegar solution with the same proportions. Voila! Instant cleaner.

Anyway, the full story is here:

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Stacie said...

I saw that story too. It kinda got on my nerves actually. I had the same thoughts you did, but I don't even use dryer sheets.
(I am ashamed to say that I don't wash plastic bags as often as I should lately. I will reuse them if they aren't dirty, but I have gotten lax about washing them.)