Friday, July 8, 2011

Anybody know how to patch a screen?

Is there some sort of not-obvious way to repair a window screen?

Seems Big Boy loves to swat at bugs .. and his claws have done a number on the screen. Don't want to replace it until he calms down a bit...


CTMOM said...

Try an old fashioned hardware store. They USED to sell packets of small squares of metal mesh screen that has the edges bent over into "hooks." Just place over the hole by matching the "hooks" into the old screen mesh. Works well. Also, some hardware stores will replace the entire screen for you, for a fee.

DW said...

Thanks .... I like an excuse to go to our "real" hardware store. We actually had the screen replaced a few years ago .. courtesy of a hailstorm. Just don't want to replace it again until my little hunter gets a bit older.