Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well, it seemed like a good idea

Ever do something that you thought would save money, but turned out to be a mistake?

Last year, we decided to get a subscription (with one of the national card companies) for e-mail greeting cards. We figured we'd get our money's worth in postage and time saved.

Eh! Turns out most of the folks we sent cards to never opened them. They were afraid that it was some sort of spam or virus carrier. Or it got sent to their spam file and they never saw it.

As for the younger members of the family, seems they don't pay attention to anything that's not on Facebook, or Twitter or texted to their phones. (and frankly, said company has very poor instructions for sending cards to FB ... never could get one to go there.)

The subscription is up for renewal ... I think we're gonna pass.

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