Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's tip

Went in to take a shower today and noticed that my plastic shower curtain was hanging at an unnatural angle.

Turns out that two of the holes had been torn from the hooks. (And gee, why do I think a couple of furbabies were responsible for this? Hmm.)

Anyway, I quickly needed a temporary hook (or 2) ... I spied a couple of clothespin hangars (hook on top, clothespin on the bottom, used for drying hand-washed stuff). I pinned two of them to the curtain, and voila! Instant curtain hooks.

Course, now I have to figure out how to repair the curtain ...


CTMOM said...

You can sew vinyl shower curtains. Just zigzap or repeatedly go back and forth with a straight stitch machine to reinforce the ripped area. Works great

DW said...

Never realized that CT... thanks for the tip!