Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden report

Things are moving right along. I'm about to harvest my first banana pepper!

Also, the bell peppers have teeny-tiny fruits, as does one of the Roma tomato plants. Lots of flowering going on, and the pole beans are slowly climbing up the trellis! My basil and mint are doing well, and the cooler weather is allowing the salad greens to hang on.

I have had some setbacks. A good number of Lima beans did not sprout. I'll replace with more bush beans.

My Black Russian tomato plant is looking sickly, so not sure if it will survive.

My oregano and cilantro seeds didn't sprout, or barely sprouted, so I bought plants to replace them. (I do intend to get my $$ out of them -- I've already harvested some for various dishes)

In the meantime ... I'm still picking mulberries!

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