Saturday, May 21, 2011

New additions to the family

I've been AWOL this week, getting ready for a happy event:

We have new furbabies!!!

We adopted two kittens this weekend; a brother and sister, about 7 months old.

They were on sale, too. (Well, more like B1G1F. The shelter wanted them adopted together, so we got them both for the single adoption fee.) We did think long and hard about adding a 3rd cat to the house, and decided that we could swing it (though I will be paying lots more attention to cat food and litter coupons and sales)

Of course, they are funny and adorable. They spent their first afternoon here looking out the window and chattering at everything that flew by.

So I've been putting away all the shiny things and such, trying to kitty-proof the house ... something I haven't had to do in oh, more than a decade. Good excuse to house-clean, though.

They haven't met Big Sis yet. (I can't really call her Younger Cat any more ...) Right now she knows something's going on, but doesn't seem overly bothered.

So the new adventure begins!

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Heather said...

Awww, love those little kitties. Come on, you have to share a picture of your new furbabies!