Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden notes

A few odds and ends from this year's garden extravaganza:

Did a bit of repurposing to create a trellis for my pole beans this year. I had the metal poles from one of those over-the-toilet bathroom storage units. (The shelves have been gone for years.) Pounded those into the garden and laced some leftover fencing to them. Presto! One trellis!

I'm trying to put more edible landscaping into the yard, so as an experiment, I slipped a cayenne pepper plant between the flowers in the front garden. Hopefully, the neighborhood bunnies won't munch on it. Of course, if they much on the peppers, they'll be ruining at NASCAR qualification speeds!

Speaking of plants, the basil and the cilantro are sprouting. Nothing yet from the parsley. The lettuce is ready to thin out, so we'll be having fresh-grown salad!

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