Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whoever you are, thanks!

Lucked into a bit of good fortune during my weekly shopping trip ... once again due to someone who left their coupons behind.

I noticed a pile of catalinas (along with a pile of receipts ... that I really don't understand) sitting next to the (what else!) catalina machine at the self checkout. As I looked through them, I found a $3 coupon off any order of $40 or more.

Hey, that's me!

A couple of others I couldn't use ... then ... $1 off any meat or seafood purchase of $7 or more.

Ca-ching, says the woman with the $10 package of chicken breasts in her cart.

So, combined with the $9 in coupons I already had, I knocked $13 off my order. I'm still off budget for the week, but at least I'm $4 closer!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you scored a great deal, there!