Sunday, March 27, 2011

That Easter ham is going to cost more

In case you haven't noticed at the grocery, (yeah ... right ...) it's official: meat prices are jumping.

From Bloomberg News:

Meat prices are rising in the U.S. at a faster annual rate than forecast a month ago, as increased demand for pork and beef exports erode inventories and high feed costs discourage livestock producers from expanding herds.

The retail cost of meats will increase 4.5 percent to 5.5 percent this year, including a gain of as much a 7 percent for pork, the most of any major food group, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said today in a report. Beef prices will rise as much as 5.5 percent, or 1 percentage point more than the government forecast on Feb. 24.

The story blames higher exports and farmers' reluctance to expand production because of higher corn prices.

I've noticed that pork sale prices here have gone up by about 20 cents a pound; chicken's gone up, too. And I fear it may go higher as demand increases.

What to do? I've already cut back: beef is pretty much a fond memory here at the casa de chaos. If I do buy, it's a small piece on markdown that is cooked in something stretchy -- like stir fry.

So, I'm shopping the markdown bin even harder; taking another look at fish; stocking up when I find a good sale; and looking for new places to shop. (Our local international stores occasionally have good meat prices).

We're also doing more meatless meals -- more vegetable soups, more pastas, more pancakes, more eggs. We'll adjust, as usual ...

The story can be found here:

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Living on Less Money said...

I would love to find more recipes like stir fry. I recently found a good beef and broccoli. I tried Kung Pao chicken but didn't care for the recipe all that much. I'm using less meat in my recipes, too. If it calls for a pound I'm using half.