Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to stretch a chicken

I'm a big fan of the rotisserie chickens sold at the 2 big warehouse clubs. For $4.99, I get a large, juicy, cooked chicken for about the same price it would cost me to buy a raw one and cook it myself.

(Do note that I mean warehouse-club chickens ... other folks tend to sell pigeon-size birds that cost a lot more.)

Even though I bow to convenience, I believe in getting as much mileage out of that chicken as possible. Here's what I did with a recent purchase:

Meal 1 - A few slices of breast meat made sandwiches served with soup.

Meal 2 - Warmed half of the chicken for dinner.

Meal 3 - Warmed the other half of the chicken for dinner. (I didn't add anything, but you could use a bit of BBQ sauce so switch things up.)

Meal 4 - Took the bits of meat off the carcass and made chicken and dumplings.

The carcass went into the freezer -- we'll use that to make stock. Admittedly, your mileage may vary: I'm only feeding 2 folks. (I have friends who need 2 chickens just to feed their crowds ... never mind leftovers.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh yum now I have more ideals thanks LwolfT.
cindy and chrissanne