Monday, March 14, 2011

Ditched the dish

Well, I did it ... cancelled our satellite TV. So in a day or two, we'll be without paid TV service for the first time in ... er, decades.

Actually, they didn't fight too hard to keep me. Offered $10 off a month for a year, then offered the basic package, which didn't have any of the channels we usually watch.

I think we'll be fine. We'll still get local channels through the antenna (including several local weather channels). Many shows we watch are online, and we have a stockpile of the shows that aren't.

So, I'm looking forward to saving some $$$ ... let the adventure begin.


Stacie said...

Once you get used to it, I don't think you'll miss it at all. We don't have paid tv either, and we haven't had it for several years. Whenever we go somewhere that does have cable tv, it astounds us how few worthwhile programs there are these days.
Like you, we get all the local programs plus one weather channel. We do have the cheapest Netflix subscription, though, so we can watch streaming shows over the computer.
Enjoy your monthly savings! Whenever you feel tv withdrawals, just think about all the other fun things you can do with the money you're saving by "ditching the dish."

Anonymous said...

stacie you have a point for doge and weave.

Barb said...

You let me know how this goes.........i'm not sure watching tv on a pc screen or my laptipo will work for me.........Im still looking at my options