Friday, February 4, 2011

No choice but to be frugal

We've been encased in ice here for most of the week ... and it looks like we'll have to keep digging out the old-fashioned (and frugal) way. 'Cause as much as I'd like to buy some ice-melter (or good old rock salt), there's none to be had!

Then again, maybe I need to rethink this ... and go raid the pantry ...

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune ...
It turns out that Bergen County, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, has started using pickle juice -- which costs about a third as much as salt -- to melt snow on its streets.

St. Paul does use some food juice -- from sugar beets -- when temperatures hover around 0 or below. "It prevents the snow and ice from bonding with the pavement," said Shannon Tyree, public information officer for the Public Works Department. "It's sort of a brownish-tan color. It's ugly."

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