Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think the gremlins got them

The latest mystery here at the casa de chaos is: Where the heck did all the AA batteries go?

I know I bought a couple of packs at the dollar store last month ... but during the ice storm, I went to check on our supplies, and realized that we had, oh, 2 fresh ones left. (I do keep the ones we pull out of the remotes ... they're still good for low-level duty, like running clocks.)

Fortunately, our power stayed on, so I didn't really need them. But I decided there is one way to stop the battery drain: (yep, pun intended) Bought a pack of 48 at Costco for a little less than buying the same amount at the dollar store.

See, this works ... I bought a 48 pack of AAA batteries just after we went through a run on those. Haven't needed them since, LOL!

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