Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A coworker of mine once quipped: "I can afford health insurance. I just can't afford to use it."

I have a better understanding of that now. We had some medical things going on last month .. some maintenance, some not. (Everything's OK, BTW). Well, the bills have started rolling in, and of course, there are the co-pays, and the deductible, and whatever else the insurance company doesn't want to pay. At the moment, it's going to cost us $3,500, and likely more

Gulp indeed! We'll juggle things a bit to cover the bills and be thankful that we can. Though I really fear that someday I'll have to say, "No, can't take those tests ... I can't afford them."

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Stacie said...

Glad everything is okay! I hope your budget can weather the storm.

Being a retired military family, we've always been blessed to have great ( medical care. It tends to be no-frills, basic care, but you get what you pay for. Still, we consider ourselves very blessed to have it.

When my Honey retired though, we opted not to continue with the dental insurance, because the premiums were outrageous! Seriously, if we don't have any dental emergencies, it's cheaper for us to just pay cash for our routine cleanings and exams. But then, wouldn't ya know it, my Honey needed to get a crown replaced. Agh! Talk about expensive!!