Friday, February 18, 2011

Free breakfast

For those of you who want to feel virtuous and frugal: Sunday's Red Plum insert has a coupon for a free bowl of oatmeal at McDonald's.

Now why does that sound strange? ;)

And while we're on the subject, IHOP will have its annual National Pancake Day Celebration on March 1. Stop in and have a free short stack of pancakes.

(They do ask for a donation to a local charity ... and please tip your server.)

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Hi! I'm Randa said...

I used one of the coupons on Sunday! Actually, the oatmeal is pretty darn good. And you can't argue with the price =)

I thought it suspicious, though, that the FREE coupon was the second one in the row. The first one was free IF you bought a medium beverage, while the second coupon was FREE with no purchase required. It pays to read the coupons carefully!