Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ditching the dish?

For the past year, we here at the casa de chaos have been batting around the idea of dumping our satellite TV service ... specifically every time there's been a price hike.

We watch very few shows that we can't pick up online ... and we do have a converter box to pick up the local channels (and gee, there seem to be a lot of local channels now.)

The deciding factor may have arrived: After a couple of e-mails touting that we're now going to get some new movie channels --- for free -- I opened our new bill.

Yep, you guessed it. The price has gone up about 8 bucks a month ... (and that's the low-tier plan). Seems to me that I can head over to Redbox, or get a subscription to Netflix, and and come out way ahead.

Stay tuned ....


Anonymous said...

We use a converter box and have a netflix subscription. We don't miss any of the cable shows. (Mostly it's because we've never heard of them, LOL). But Netflix offers some good cable shows. DH is a fan of Deadliest Catch, and we all love Cake Boss.
Have you tried negotiating with your satellite company for a lower price? Just tell them that since the prices have gone up, you can no longer afford their service, and if they can't get you a lower fee, then you'll be forced to cancel your subscription. I've heard that it works--sometimes. Good luck to you!

DW said...

Stacie, I suspect that when I call to cancel, they likely will try to negotiate, so we'll see. (On the other hand, I may check out Netflix, just in case.)