Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yes, we have no bananas

Actually, there are plenty of bananas out there ... they've just gone up in price.

Noticed that at one of the local supermarkets here, bananas had jumped about 5 cents a pound. And next to them was a sign explaining that supplies were being affected by weather conditions. Turns out there is something to that, according to Agriculture Corner:

Damage to banana crops in Latin America from flooding and cold temperatures could cause Dole Food Co. to continue to pass on higher costs to customers through the spring, the company’s chief executive said.

Faced with escalating costs in the field and logistical challenges, Dole declared is requiring U.S. customers to pay an average surcharge of $1.43 on each box of bananas, Chief Executive David DeLorenzo said in an interview.

Wonder how hard it is to grow a banana tree?


Living on Less Money said...

I followed you from Dollar Stretcher (? I think that is the name) and I subscribed to your blog. I can't wait to read more of your posts since I'm always trying to learn more about stretching our money.

DW said...

Nice to meet you! I think we can all learn from each other!