Sunday, January 23, 2011

A walk down memory lane

We've been cleaning out old records here at the casa de chaos, and in the process I ran across a pile of receipts from 2000.

Oh, boy, things have changed ... Here's a sampling:

Gas prices
Prices bounced around that year. One March receipt shows a price of $1.16 per gallon. In May, it was up to $1.79. By the end of the year, it was in the $1.20s. (I'm sure I wasn't happy about those prices then ... little did I know they would turn out to be a bargain.)

(Note, some of these are likely sale prices. To compare, I'm using current sale prices in most cases)

Sour cream -- 64 cents a pint (on sale this week for $1)
Chicken legs - 39 cents lb. (on sale this week for 99 cents lb)
Coffee 11 oz cans - 2/$3. (most recent sale was 2/$5)
Tuna - 3/$1 (on sale this week, 2/$1)
Pasta - 3/$1 (now usually 3/$2 on sale)
Sugar - 5lbs, $1.99 (now $2.49 and up for 4lbs)
Margarine - l1b sticks, 28 cents (usually 64 cents lb)
1 doz. medium eggs - 65 cents (recent sale was 88 cents a dozen)
Frozen vegetables - 1lb, 79 cents. (now usually $1 to $1.29 for 12 oz to 1lb)
Cat litter - 25lbs, $1.97. (now $3)


Amy K. said...

I remember the days of 3/$1 pasta and 39 cents/lb chicken legs. I was shortly out of college, and great deals like that stuck in my mind. Now I grouse when the pasta goes on sale because it's never as good as "the good old days."

Thanks for the flashbacks!

Anonymous said...

Ok you frugal hacker of the LwoftT
you dated my age by 10 years oh geee I'll get you someday when you are on the d/s....