Monday, January 10, 2011

Their loss, my gain

I know not everyone likes coupons as much as I do. But even so, I'm always surprised by what folks will leave behind sometimes.

Was at Kroger's self checkout, and noticed a coupon hanging out of the catalina machine. When I finished, I pulled the coupon, and found: Thanks for buying XX. Take $1 off your next order.

(I know what you're asking here ... "DW, why the heck didn't you pull the coupon first? Then you would have gotten $1 off your bill." That's a very good question. All I can tell you is that sometimes I'm a slow learner.)

Last week, same thing happened in the checkout at Meijer. This time, I did pull the catalina first ;) It was for a free liter of a brand-name soda. I wasn't going to abandon my groceries for a free soda -- but it did come in handy this week.
Hey, maybe it is a good thing that some folks don't like coupons, eh?


Miss M said...

It really annoys me that people don't care about coupons! I realize that I love them a lot more than some, but to me coupons are free $$. They help you save money!

Yay for you for finding them :)

Heather said...

I really used to coupon a lot, but ever since the only store that doubled coupons went out of business I've fallen out of the habit. I will use them still, but not nearly to the extent that I did. There is a another store that does coupon specials on the weekends, sometimes I will take advantage of those.