Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dollar daze

Just a couple of things I noticed while out and about:

  • If anyone is looking for basic tax software, the Dollar Trees here now have the H&R Block At Home standard edition.
  • One of the regional supermarkets in my city is doing something new. There are displays around the store marked "Dollar Menu," featuring small-size products -- mostly breakfast foods: small packages of instant and quick oats, breakfast bars, pancake mix and little bottles of syrup.

I read recently that folks are buying more smaller-size items because they can't afford the large packages. I've also noticed more folks at the dollar store who have carts full of food. So maybe this is part of an ongoing trend ...


Amy K. said...

H&R Block also has a free edition. Not that a dollar is much, but Hey, Free, and no need to leave home!


I haven't tried it myself, just thought I'd pass along the info. It looks like the $1 version includes free federal eFile while the free version may not.

Amy K. said...

Sorry to be spammy but I was wrong, the free version does include federal eFile. I found their comparison page:


DW said...

Hey, thanks for passing on the information ... free is always good.