Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bigger's not always better

Was perusing the samples at Costco today (No, no ... I didn't go just for the samples. Really.)

Anyway, at the meat cases, one of the folks offering samples was loudly announcing today's deal: $4 off a package of chicken breasts.

I was tempted. We eat lots of chicken at the casa de chaos. So, I found a small package ... small being 6 pounds. $17.42, minus $4 equals $13.42.

But some quick division told me the price was still around $2.25 a pound. And one of the area supermarkets has the same thing on sale for $1.99 a pound this week.. (and if I wait, my favorite supermarket may have it on for $1.79 a pound.)

So, no industrial-sized packages of chicken today. Just an extra-large package of lettuce ...


dmcgirl said...

SMART!!! That is what I do too, never over 2.00 a pound for chicken if I can help it!

Stacie said...

I've noticed that my local big-box store does NOT price things frugally. For example, their milk is 10 cents more expensive per gallon than the grocery store! Their produce is not cheaper, either. We don't even shop there, thanks to the handy-dandy price book we keep!
$2.25 per pound of chicken is outrageous. I wouldn't have bought it either.