Wednesday, January 5, 2011

$4 a gallon for gas?

From The Associated Press:

The price of oil is poised for another run at $100 a barrel after a global economic rebound sent it surging 34 percent since May. That could push gasoline prices to $4 a gallon by summer in some parts of the country, experts say

Gasoline expert Fred Rozell predicts that 15 states -- including Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut and Rhode Island -- will see gasoline prices top $4 a gallon by Memorial Day.

Well, I don't live in any of those states, but gee whiz ... that's going to kick the economy right in its ailing gut.

And this comes just after a story that said my local gas utility wants to raise rates. I can burn wood to save on natural gas ... maybe I need to figure out a wood-fired car, eh?

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