Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will Santa be late?

I thought I was being clever when I decided on a couple of DH's gifts. Somehow, I managed to start a Christmas soap opera!

I used some of of the points from MyPoints to order a gift card. Then I found a book he wanted on PaperbackSwap. Two gifts down and no $$ spent.

Well .... I still haven't received the gift card (though to be fair, we still have another week). Then, there was a big glitch with my transaction on PaperbackSwap. The sender says she notified them that she'd shipped the book. They say she didn't and canceled her order. And without my knowledge (and certainly not my permission) my request bounced to another member, who's already mailed the book.

To make matters more interesting, the first book arrived in the mail. I'm supposed to refuse it and send it back.

So ... will the gift card arrive in time? Will the other book arrive in time, or will I try to make some sort of deal with the first swapper? Stay tuned.

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