Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little planning helps

I'm not sure that this is a frugal triumph -- more like a tale of poor planning.

I was recently invited to a baby shower. Found a gift, then decided that .. eh, I have plenty of things in my gift-wrap stash .. no need to buy any paper.

You can guess where this is going, right? A couple of hours before the shower, I poked through my gift-wrap collection, and realized that 98% of my stash was Christmas wrappings. Oops! Actually, I had some lovely blue paper ... but the little one happened to be a girl.

I did find some appropriate paper at the bottom of the stash, but it was a bit creased and beat up. I tried the ironing trick, which helped, but not enough. Fortunately, some strategic ribbon placement hid the worst of the creasing.

Next was the gift tag, which actually wasn't a problem. A quick Internet search found several cute, printable tags. (I realized later that I probably could have printed out some wrapping paper, too.)

So, after an extra hour and much angst, I had a presentable gift.

Technically, I pulled it off. But really, I'm annoyed with myself for not checking my wrapping stash ahead of time. So I will be stopping by the dollar store to pick up some paper (or gift bags) in a nice neutral, solid color ...

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