Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stacking the deals

Sometimes all the stars, or deals, are alligned ... so bear with me while I brag a a bit about my recent shoe purchase.

Found a pair that a I liked on JCPenney. com, which is offering free shipping on shoes right now.

To pay for them, I cashed in some credit-card rewards (in the form of a JCP gift card).
The card didn't quite cover the purchase price and tax, so I put the leftover $3.49 on a credit card (which I shall earn a 1 percent reward on -- a whole 3 cents ;)
But I also placed the order through Ebates, which is giving me a $1.50 rebate on the purchase.

So, total out-of-pocket cost will be $1.97. Not too shabby. Now I hope the shoes fit ....


dmcgirl said...

Omgosh... totally with ya on the JC penny thing. Found some really great deals, but I am saving that post!
Love JC penny!

Heather said...

Nice work! I hope those shoes fit you, I am always hesitant to buy shoes online because I'm worried they won't fit.