Monday, September 27, 2010

Not the frugality I had in mind

Buying elder cat's meds is providing all kinds of surprises, it seems. I stopped by the vet to refill a prescription, only to discover they were out! The office folks made calls to the surrounding vets, but they didn't have any either. (Is this stuff very popular, or very obscure?)

So, they had to order it. The vet assured me elder cat would be OK if she didn't get a dose for a day or two (I'm nervous about that ... I personally think this med is part of the reason she's been doing well.)

So, what's a nervous cat momma to do when the tube of medicine runs dry? The old frugal trick of cutting it open and scraping it out. (With the challenge of not gashing my finger on the edge of the metal tube.)

I've managed to get two half-doses out 2/3 of the tube .. one to go. And hopefully that med will arrive quickly.

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