Monday, August 16, 2010

A seedy idea

Sometimes a frugal idea backfires ...

DH came home from a baseball tournament with lots of sample packages of sunflower seeds. (apparently they weren't too popular ... the workers were handing them out in bunches. ) Now I'm not much on sunflower seeds in the shell ... they make a heck of a mess. But I thought, 'Hey, I'll just find a way to shell all these suckers at once, and use them to make trail mix.'

Ha, ha!

I tried tapping the package with a hammer. It broke the shells all right. It also pulverized the seeds.

So, I've been shelling seeds by hand (a small pair of pliers works nicely). I think this is going to be the most labor-intensive trail mix ever made!


dmcgirl said...

That is funny!!!! I wonder if you can invent some kind of de-seeder!

DW said...

I could use a de-seeder!