Monday, August 9, 2010

Deal or no deal?

In an attempt to get my printer ink costs down, I decided to give Wag's cartridge refilling service a try (aided by a coupon.)

When I picked up the cartridges, the clerk had bad news. The couldn't fill the black cartridge because it didn't fit in their refilling machine. (I find this kind of odd, since it fits in my printer.)

The color ink was filled, but it didn't pass their print test, so they didn't charge me. It might work in my printer, or might not, he said.

I do appreciate the honesty ... I'd hate to be charged and then find out the darn thing didn't work.

So now I have to try an experiment. I'll pop the cartridge into the printer. If it works, guess I just got a color cartridge for free. If not, well, time to look for another ink deal ....

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