Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Garden report

Things are progressing. The beans are dying out now; just a few flowers and small beans here and there.

The tomatoes are ripening nicely. I have lost about a half-dozen, though. They develop bad spots and turn bad while they're on the vine. In a couple of cases, it was obviously bugs, but in others, nothing.

The bell peppers are sort of kicking back in. A couple of the plants have tiny peppers; hopefully they'll get to a good size and ripen before the weather turns.
I'm rather disappointed in the pepper harvest this year. Seems like it may be more cost-efficient to find peppers on sale and freeze them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What the heck is this?

We were up in the northern part of the state this week, hitting our favorite salvage and bulk food stores (I took my grocery list ;).

One of the salvage stores had a new service: It now takes coupons. So I happened to have an internet-based coupon for a cereal I wanted to try. When I got to the counter, I handed it to the clerk and asked if the store took such coupons.

Apparently, she'd never seen an internet coupon before. She looked at it, then at me. Then she picked it up gingerly, like it was going to explode, and looked it over. Guess she finally decided it was OK, and took off the amount.

Learn something everyday, I guess.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

State Fair food

Was at the State Fair this week, and of course, half the fun is checking out the food that gives dietitians nightmares (and the rest of us indigestion, LOL).

This year's big thing: the doughnut burger. That's right, for $6.50, you get a hamburger with fixins slapped between two Krispy Kremes. Cheese and bacon are extra ....

The booth had quite a crowd -- more lookers than eaters, I suspect. Of course, when you got done looking at the burgers, you could go next door and watch them make fried butter. (I'm not kidding ... )

By the way, this burger ... it's not mine. I couldn't stomach the thought of eating one. This belongs to a fellow who very kindly allowed us to take a photo of his lunch ...

Monday, August 16, 2010

A seedy idea

Sometimes a frugal idea backfires ...

DH came home from a baseball tournament with lots of sample packages of sunflower seeds. (apparently they weren't too popular ... the workers were handing them out in bunches. ) Now I'm not much on sunflower seeds in the shell ... they make a heck of a mess. But I thought, 'Hey, I'll just find a way to shell all these suckers at once, and use them to make trail mix.'

Ha, ha!

I tried tapping the package with a hammer. It broke the shells all right. It also pulverized the seeds.

So, I've been shelling seeds by hand (a small pair of pliers works nicely). I think this is going to be the most labor-intensive trail mix ever made!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


My Etsy site:


Still adding to it, but stop by and have a look.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coupons on your TV

Here's a new one: We were flipping through the TV channels when we came upon the CUPON channel.

Turns out it was an interactive channel that advertised cereal. Hit one button to play a game, another to get recipes and another to get a $1 coupon sent to you.

So, what the heck ....

Oops ... didn't work. Seems you need a phone hookup (which we don't have because don't use 'on-demand' services).

I'm not sure what to think about this ... then again, an infomercial that actually gives you something ...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Deal or no deal?

In an attempt to get my printer ink costs down, I decided to give Wag's cartridge refilling service a try (aided by a coupon.)

When I picked up the cartridges, the clerk had bad news. The couldn't fill the black cartridge because it didn't fit in their refilling machine. (I find this kind of odd, since it fits in my printer.)

The color ink was filled, but it didn't pass their print test, so they didn't charge me. It might work in my printer, or might not, he said.

I do appreciate the honesty ... I'd hate to be charged and then find out the darn thing didn't work.

So now I have to try an experiment. I'll pop the cartridge into the printer. If it works, guess I just got a color cartridge for free. If not, well, time to look for another ink deal ....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Time to stock up

Hold on to your wallet: A string of bad weather conditions means we'll see higher prices at the grocery store.

According to AOL's Daily Finance:

Russia predicts that its record-breaking heat wave will slash its wheat crop by half, and has suspended wheat exports. That's sent wheat prices up 45% on the commodities market, and experts are predicting a 2% to 4% jump in the price of flour, pasta and bread.

And if wheat supplies fall, that raises demand -- and prices -- for corn and soybeans, experts say. The result could be higher prices for meats, since both corn and soybeans are used for animal feed.

Heavy rains and bad harvests in Columbia have pushed up the price of coffee. Kraft has boosted Maxwell House prices by 10%. Smuckers, which distributes Folgers, Dunkin' Donuts and Millstone, has raised prices 9%. That follows a 4% price hike in May.

The full story http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/higher-food-prices-russian-heatwave-wallet/19581230/

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Off the list

Once in a while, I get tired of tracking down the deals. ..

We were running low on tissues. I had some decent coupons, but the sales just weren't there.

The other day, I was at Costco when I happened to see the price for a case of their brand of tissues. True, it was 30 boxes, but each box had more tissues than some of the name brands, and the per-box cost was right on my target price.

I put it in the cart.

Done and dusted ...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Freebies

Wow ... the month's over already!

Another good month, helped along by some good sale/coupon matchups.

Glidden paint
Nivea body lotion
Via coffee
2 Dove shampoo/conditioner
Dawn detergent (FAC)
All detergent
Cottonelle TP and wipe
1 beer
Turkey snack stick
Skinny Cow (FAC)
Kraft mac & cheese
Eos shaving cream
L'Oreal shampoo/conditioner/hair treatment
3 Dentyne gum (2 FAC)
Turkey bacon
Granola bar
Cinnamon Crunch cereal
Purina dog food
First aid kit
Bodycology lotion
Yoplait yogurt (FAC)
Pantene shampoo/conditioner
Head & shoulders
Window cleaner
Speed stick (FAC)
Crest (FAC)
Ivory (FAC)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Giving me money

Not that I mind if people want to give me money, I was just a bit surprised.

Bought a few things at CVS, and took my reusable bag and the green tag the clerk is supposed to scan. About the time she totaled the order, she realized that she forgot to scan the tag. "I'll just give you a dollar," she says, then calls back to the manager to get instructions. I thought she'd print out an ECB, but nope, she hands me a $1 bill.

Then I stopped to get a burger. Took a look at the receipt when I got home and realized I'd been given the senior discount. Eh??? Either they have a really low age for this discount, or I need to invest in hair dye ....