Sunday, May 9, 2010

If you don't want to DIY

In the things that make you go hmm category:

Want homegrown veggies, but don't want to do the work? Just hire your own personal farmer.

From the LA Times ..

On average, the companies charge between $900 and $2,000 to have a section of land dug up — or to build a raised bed — that's big enough to grow enough edible plants to feed a family of four.

The companies also offer personalized planting and harvesting services. For an additional weekly fee of $20 or more, a staff member will put in the plants, pluck the weeds, amend the soil, quash the bugs and fill a basket with ripened produce.

Now the story does talk to people who physically can't do garden work, but still want the garden-fresh veggies, so I really can't argue with that. But otherwise ... seems to me that you'd come out ahead buying veggies at the farmers market..

The full story:

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Jackie said...

I agree with you DW. Why not just visit your nearest farmer's market. I am sure it would not cost as much as that.

I missed everyone and hope to be around a bit more.

God bless.