Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bargain bin

I love to check out the markdown tables at the supermarket ... never know what you'll find. And I've had a pretty good run of luck lately in the fresh veggie department:

We were traveling a couple of weeks ago and decided to check out an upscale grocery store. This place had an entire corner of the produce department for markdowns! Got 2 small eggplants for 77 cents (for both) and a twin pack of celery for $1.19. Not a thing wrong with them ... both were still very fresh.

I wanted more, but we weren't heading home then, and simply didn't have the cooler space. (Next time I go back, I'm bringing a big cooler and plenty of ice.)

Today at Meijer, I found a whole pineapple for $1; a large head of green cauliflower for 58 cents and a medium stalk of broccoli for 50 cents. Admittedly, the cauliflower and the broccoli need a bit of trimming, but there's still plenty left to blanch and freeze.

Then, at Kroger, I happened upon fresh green beans for 39 cents a pound -- pretty much half price. These needed a bit of picking to find the best ones, but I did find enough for a pound. These will help tide us over until our garden beans come in.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going on kitchen duty!

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Heather said...

Nice work, you snagged some great deals!