Thursday, April 22, 2010

A profitable week

It's been a good week for thrift-store finds, and for recycling...

Stopped at the Goodwill Outlet to look for some items to use in crafts. If you're not familiar with the concept, well, it's a trip. Items are piled into long bins, with more bins brought out during the day -- quite an anticipated event. Clothing, housewares, glassware and toys are sold by the pound.

Anyway, during my hunt, I came upon a very nice denim shirt, sort of an unusual find. And considering I paid $1.75 for the shirt and 3 other items, it was a steal.

DH and I hit the regular Goodwill to check out the $1.99 sunglasses for him. While we were there, we found a very nice sports jacket. (definitely needed). It fit him perfectly, and cost $7.99. Oh, he got sunglasses, too.

My company has had a clean-up this week, and urging all the departments to join in. One of the highlights was a giveaway table, at which I snagged 2 dish towels. I'm not quite sure why or how those towels ended up in the office giveaway, but hey, I'll take em.

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