Saturday, April 10, 2010

Memories ...

I've been on an archaeological dig today ...

The new refrigerator is due to be delivered this weekend, (Finally!) so it's time to clean off the outside. (Bet you thought I was talking about the inside, LOL!)

I never realized just how many magnets we have ... baseball team schedules, ads for stores that closed; restaurants that have gone out of business; radio stations that have changed formats a half-dozen times; banks we no longer do business with.

And I'm not sure why we have three Costco pharmacy magnets, and two more from Kroger
... or why I kept the cute little animals that are missing ears and tails because they've fallen off the door (and the cats have used them as hockey pucks ...)

Then of course, there are the coupons that expired last October... and the take-out menu that's hopelessly out of date.

Ah well, time for a fresh start!

BTW: The old fridge won't be going to the junk pile. We're donating it to an organization that doesn't mind having an aged fridge with a leaking freezer ....

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