Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saving on gas: Part 3

Third in a series on ways to save on gas prices:

Today: A gallon of milk, a tank of gas:

Next time you head to the grocery store, look for the gas pumps. Seems like every grocery chain and megastore has them. Most of them tend to have prices a bit below the usual stand-alone station -- especially during their grand openings ;)

And to encourage your one-stop shopping, some offer money off if you buy certain products, or spend a predetermined amount. In my city, one grocery chain offers 10 cents off per gallon if :

You spend $100 in groceries in a month;
Buy $50 in gift cards;
Fill 2 prescriptions at their pharmacy.

Do I take advantage of all these offers? Honestly, no. I tend to do most of my shopping at another chain -- and I take advantage of their offers. But I still occasionally buy gas there when the price is right.

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