Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saving on gas: Part 2

Second in a series on ways to save on gas prices.

Today's tip: Patience

I've noticed an interesting thing: The gas station near my house is always packed on Friday afternoon. No big mystery here -- most folks get paid on Friday.

But I've noticed something else, too: Prices tend to rise on Friday, and stay high during the weekend.

I've wondered just how much money folks could save if they could shift that fill-up to, say, mid-week, when prices are usually lower again. (Notice that I say usually. Some weeks you'd be better off placing bets in Vegas.) But sometimes the bet pays off. In my town, prices were $2.81 to $2.76 on Sunday. By Wednesday, they were down to $2.72-$2.70

Admittedly, if you're traveling over the weekend, popping $5 of gas in the tank won't cut it. And I know that for some folks, if the $$$ doesn't go in the tank right then, it may not be available later.

But if you can wait a bit ... you can get a bit more bang for your buck (or 2 bucks.)

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