Saturday, February 20, 2010

Social networking to social marketing

I've seen an interesting shift in freebie offers lately. More posts are saying ..."become a fan of X on Facebook" to get the offer.

Not that I'm surprised. Since younger folks have flocked to such sites, it's a given that companies would send ad dollars that way, too.

Personally, this leaves me with a dilemma: Do I want to join this site just so I can score a free tube of toothpaste?

I've avoided that particular kind of networking because:
1) My life's not that interesting;
2) I have privacy concerns. Perhaps I'm wrong, but seems that a company would have more personal information about me on that site than if I fill out a form using a "junk" e-mail address.

Anybody out there do Facebook? How private/public can you be on it?

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