Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paper trail

Hello ... I'm back!

Back in the day, when you could go to the office supply store and trade an old ink cartridge for a ream of paper, I cleaned up. I used to look at all those nice reams of paper tucked in the drawer and wonder how I ever was going to use it all.

Short answer: Go back to school.

We've not only blasted through ink, we've blasted through that paper, too. So I've been looking for anything we might use to stretch our supplies a bit longer.

A look around the computer area turned up a small pile of good paper ... one of us had pulled it from the printer and forgot to put it back. A look through the scrap paper pile also turned up a couple of clean sheets that the printer had spit out.

I also found several sheets of 8.5 x14 paper ... all with a badly creased corner. No problem. I cut off the creased part, and voila! Letter-sized sheets. Same with some 11x17 scrap I'd brought home from work. The top half had printing, but the bottom was clean. A couple of minutes with a paper cutter produced a few more sheets.

Not a huge haul, I admit, but enough to print out another lesson or two. And hey, it's a small contribution toward my decluttering efforts!

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