Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Family Kitchen

I just finished a wonderful book, Talking With My Mouth Full, Crab Cakes, Bundt Cakes and Other Kitchen Stories by Bonny Wolf, who is the food commentator on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition.

This isn't really a cookbook, though it has recipes. It's more about how food binds us together as friends, and as family.

In one chapter, she talks about her kitchen tools, and how she uses things that belonged to her grandmothers ... "I like having both my grandmothers in the kitchen with me," she says.

Wow! Ever read something and wonder if someone was describing your house? She has grandmothers in the kitchen? Heck, I've got my entire family! For instance:
  • My mother's Revere Ware still gets daily use, 60 years after she received it as a wedding present.

  • My paternal grandmother's heavy aluminum pot still cooks vegetables and small portions of pasta.

  • I never knew my maternal grandmother, but I use some of her enamel pans and a few of her bowls.

  • Then there's the glassware that belonged to one aunt, and the dessert dishes that another aunt casually handed to me after I'd admired them.

  • I never met my mother-in-law or my grandmother-in-law, but some of their meals are served at my table, courtesy of the recipe box my DH kept.

Every once in a while, I think it would be nice to just give everything away and start all over with a nice set of kitchenware. But I never get around to it, and now I know why -- I can't give up my family!

Note: In case anyone's asking, this is my personal book. No one gave it to me to review. And no one is compensating me for mentioning it.

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