Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taxing my patience

I've been on the hunt for a tax software deal. (Yep, it's that time of year, or soon will be.)

Thought I had one a couple of weeks ago. Another blogger noted that a big-box office supply store (which shall remain nameless) was offering $10 off the price of my favorite software. The blogger suggested price-matching with either Amazon or Wallyworld, then sending in for the available $10 rebate. A bit complicated, but it got the $45 price down to $20.

Good in theory, but not in practice.

At the first store, the clerk began giving me some attitude. ("You're already getting $10 off.") Then she agreed to match, but informed me that someone had to go in the back and get a copy (all they had were dummy boxes in front) .... after a 10 minute wait, I said never mind.

At the second store, a very polite assistant manager told me that actually they could either price match or give me the the $10 off, but not both. So I decided to wait for something else.

On Monday, I saw a deal link on Amazon ... turns out they'd knocked the software price down to $25. That and the $10 rebate brings the price down to roughly $15.



Heather said...

Patience pays off, good job! WAY less than what we paid for our taxes software.

Jackie said...

Great deal that you got there DW.

God bless.