Saturday, January 30, 2010

Small frugalities

A couple of small things we're doing here at the casa de chaos:

  • I have finally run out of grocery list pads. (The ones that have a magnet glued to the back so you can stick on the fridge.) I didn't need to buy another pad ... we have scrap paper coming out of our ears, LOL! But how to stick it on the fridge?

I spied one of those big "chip clips" ... in this case a freebie from our former bank. I also happened to have magnets. So, I glued a big magnet to the clip and cut paper to fit. Voila!

  • We've finally come to the conclusion that using our ailing dishwasher is a waste of money and electricity. So, until we can replace it, it serves as a dandy drying rack for the dishes we wash by hand, LOL!


Heather said...

I have a friend that uses her dishwasher as a drying rack too!

Jackie said...

Great idea DW. I have a couple of those clips in my junk drawer (doesn't everyone have one). Going to have to pull one out and give this a try.

God bless.