Thursday, January 21, 2010

A plot twist

For the past couple of years, we've had a nice deal with the movie theater (conveniently located) in my neighborhood. The chain had a "club" that offered movies for $5. The catch, of course, was that the price wasn't available for the first 2 weeks of the run. But hey, still a good deal for movies that we wanted to see sooner than later.

Unfortunately, I think the deal's days are numbered: I just read that the theater chain is being sold to another chain. Unfortunately, the buyer has some of the highest movie prices in the area ... and the most restrictive matinee prices.

Ah well. Guess we'll just wait for movies to arrive at the 2nd-run theater. Or wait a bit longer and pay $1 at the Redbox kiosk ...

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Jackie said...

Aww, that was such a great deal. Sorry you might be losing it.

God bless.