Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanks, I'll do the work

It's Christmas baking time here at the casa de chaos. We've been making cookies and quick breads for gifts and the office pitch-in.

A couple of the recipes call for orange peel. Boy, talk about price shock! More than $4 for a small bottle. (I'm really spoiled, since I bought a bottle of lemon peel at the salvage store for $1.)

Anyway, I headed over to the produce department. They had navel oranges (with nice thick peels) for 40 cents each. I bought two.

We washed them, then took off the peel and chopped it up. We partially dried it in the oven, then took it out and let it sit in a bowl on the counter to finish drying.

So for 80 cents, and a few cents worth of gas for the oven, we probably got the equivalent of 2 small bottles of peel. Sweet!

(edited ... I have to learn to actually fill the containers instead of estimating)


Heather said...

Good work! My Mom used to make her own candied orange and lemon peel, it was really good. I should try it sometime.

Jackie said...

Great thinking DW. You saved a bundle by making your own.

God bless.