Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post-Christmas musings

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
  • We'll be getting in line at the returns desk ... not that we misfired on a gift, but because of our hit-and-miss shopping this year. We bought a couple of things -- then stumbled onto something better at another store. Then there was the ... "Does so-and-so have this particular CD? Well, just in case, let's buy this one too while we try to sort it out."
  • Got a chuckle from DH when he saw me salvaging bows and gift bags and tissue paper to use again. (and yes, you can iron tissue paper ... just make sure the iron is set on low. It won't be as crisp as new paper, but it works well to line boxes.)
  • I'm glad I stuck with the inexpensive ribbons for our outdoor decorations. We've had a windy/rainy holiday (as opposed to the folks who were buried in snow). Two days in a row we've gone out to find a ribbon in pieces, strewn across the yard. Actually, I can fix them, but eventually, they're going to get beaten up beyond repair. When that happens, I won't feel guilty about pitching them, LOL!

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