Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The mad dash to Christmas

We're in the home stretch of baking and buying here at the casa de chaos. Just a few musings:

  • No offense to the post office, but its frustrating to come up with frugal gifts, only to spend that much and more on mailing them.

  • We seem to be getting fewer holiday cards from friends, and more from businesses. Not that I can talk: About a third of my list will be getting e-mail cards again this year.

  • I don't feel old until I get cards that read, "Johnny is graduating from college this year ..."

  • My holiday and gift pantries have come in handy once again. Didn't need any extra wrapping paper or ribbons, and some of the freebies I stashed away are going to help round out some Christmas baskets.

Hope all your holiday preparations are going well!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I am waiting until after the holiday rush to mail a few things out...not that the price will go down, but at least the lines will.

The count down is on here as well.

God bless.