Thursday, November 12, 2009

You learn something every day

I stopped in at the big-box store (yeah, that one) earlier in the week to see if they had any their special 40-cent-a-pound turkeys left. No luck, so I decided to ask for a rain check. The answer: "We don't do rain checks." Guess when they're out, you're out of luck.

Maybe I'm a bit daft, but I never realized that they didn't offer rain checks. On the other hand, I can't remember ever being in a situation where I wanted a rain check from them.

But it's all good ... I'm reading that the cheap turkeys will be back on Saturday. Perhaps I can snag one then. If not, well, I won't be asking for a rain check, LOL!


Treva said...

If you can get them on Saturday will you try to get more than one? Is that allowed? At 40 cents a pound I think I would try to get one if I had room to store it! LOL I would save it up and cook it later... like in May when no one is thinking of turkeys.

DW said...

I think last time there was a limit of 2.
Me, I only have room to store 1 turkey. I suppose I could get one to cook immediately, don't know if I want to be that ambitious next week.
If I had a deep freeze, I'd definitely get 2 or more!