Friday, November 20, 2009

That sick feeling

Ah yes, it's November. Time for the annual weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth -- otherwise known as re-enrolling in a health insurance plan.

Sigh. Once again, the number of available plans have decreased. Last year it was four, this year it's two.

So, this year's choice is very simple: A) Keep the plan similar to what we currently have. Only one problem -- our premiums would cost an additional $1,000 for the year. B) Choose a high deductible plan. Our premium costs would remain the same, but should there be a serious illness or injury, we could possibly pay out that $1,000 and more.

There are other considerations, of course. But given the debate in this country over health-care reform, I can't help but see a certain irony in all this ...

Update: Apparently, the company that handles prescription drugs for one of the plans has decided that its formulary is a state secret. Since we've been burned in the past by an insurer that kept denying prescription claims, (and what kind of company doesn't cover an antibiotic?) we always check. Took 4 phone calls to find a rep who would stop the robot-speak and was actually "allowed" to tell us what they cover.

Update 2: Apparently I screwed up and ran afoul of the rules regarding health savings accounts and flex accounts ... so I have to change my plan ( which fortunately, I can do.) Gaack!

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Jackie said...

Whenever I read about the costs that you have for drug plans I am so thankful that my husbands company pays for our plan in full. And being in Canada we do have universal health care. Hope you find a plan that suits all your needs.

God bless.